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Sunday, November 10, 2013

How To Make A Delicious Soy Sauce and Delicious

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How To Make A Delicious Soy Sauce and Delicious
Who does not know or have never felt called to the sauce , which has a spicy flavor and would be very refreshing . And who would have thought that this sauce is indeed one of the typical types of cuisine from Indonesia , and in each area does have a wide variety of sambal . The main ingredient in making sure sauce is chili , because chili is going to make a very tasty sauce . Then how to make sauce was like what ?

Maybe if the see-saw to make the chili sauce is very easy , because only a mengulek or soften all the ingredients are there . However , the dose of beberpa course materials must fit . Because if we make the sauce too sweet , too salty or too spicy so we are definitely reluctant to taste it again . Information on how to make the sauce seems to be required by any person for the time being , whether it is possible for those who want to learn how to make a sauce or condiment that want to make a variation . Without a longer length below we will present how to create a variety of recipes with different chili sambal .

Cara Membuat Sambal Aneka Resep


  • Cayenne pepper (10 pieces, sliced​​)
  • Onion (3 eggs, roughly chopped)
  • soy sauce
  • Salt and flavoring
  • Tomatoes (1 piece, cut into squares)
  • Lemon juice can be substituted vinegar

How to Make Sambal Sauce:

  • Combine all ingredients except the lemon juice into the bowl and mix until all blended.
  • After mixing, flat, add a squeeze of lemon juice and stir again until all mixed evenly.

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