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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The complete guide to learn SEO ( SEO : Importance and Priority System )

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The complete guide to learn SEO ( SEO : Importance and Priority System )
Have a ' system ' to achieve goals is the next step for someone who must complete a project type more than once . Example ; web designers who have completed 10-20 sites each year have a system, programmers who work on large projects , comply with the ' system ' they work , etc. .

If you do not already have a system , it is time to think of SEO as a system of activity and effective process for generating targeted traffic (targeted traffic ) to your website from search engines .

A system is called effective if the system can help you meet the target every time you undergo a similar project ( not the same - because there is never the same project ) .

And as mentioned before, the focus on the work of the most effective and remain effective in the long term , not the most convenient or cheap , or the fastest , or which is spelled out by Google ( and other search engines ) .

Do what works now and later .

Create a Priority

If you already have a basic system to perform various SEO activities , prioritize and determine which tasks should be done first would be so much easier .

Just as in real life , in SEO there are also a number of activities that need a little time and effort but have a major impact on search engine rankings . Remember the 80-20 rule ( Pareto law ) ? This is also true in SEO , and this certainly makes our life so much easier as SEOer .

SEO tasks are most important took about 15-25 % of the SEO project life cycle , and provide 70-85 % of the influence on the result . For example :

Optimizing the Title tags on your blog only takes less than 2 minutes , but the results are very clear on how the blog pages appear in search engines .
Paid listings directory ( directory submission ) in Yahoo took 5 minutes , but the link that you pay more valuable than to submit to 100 free directories that have been dying bombarded spam .
Ask yourself how important you are doing before you do it , that is the basis of priority . Make the ' ask yourself ' is a habit , because then you save a lot of time and makes you more focused on things that are more important in SEO .

Everything is NOT ranked !

In fact , abundant traffic ( due to occupy page 1 or position # 1 ) of the results of SEO is useless if you do not have a way to capitalize on the traffic . This fact .

If you have any specific goals for the website , you also will have a clear picture of the target audience and what they should do (action ) when they visit your website .

This action may be in the form of registration ( signup ) , sales , ad clicks , Feed / RSS subscription , etc. .

If your site does not do the ' job ' , then all the rankings and traffic gained wasted .

Conclusion ; Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is something great if it works , but you also have to know how to take advantage of the traffic as possible .

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