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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The complete guide to learn SEO ( SEO Strategy Customization Example )

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The complete guide to learn SEO ( SEO Strategy Customization Example )
Each website has different goals , these goals will determine what type of keywords you want targeted , how the composition of his audience , how fierce the competition , how strong capital and time that you can afford to spend.

As I promised here , in this article I will show an example for customizing your SEO strategy clicking on two different types of projects :

A website is an information site ( not the product website ) that focus on a particular niche . These properties determine the keyword / keywords to be " shot " . The key words ( as well as its niche targets ) has a low level of competition , so it takes a little bit of work , time , and costs need to be incurred in order to Site A 's got the # 1 position for their targeted keywords . Later , it was determined that Site A will greatly rely on traffic from search engines .

With this information , there are two alternative solutions - first , you can reduce the cost by doing SEO ' free ' and do not need to pay the cost of issuing and link directory submission . Alternatively , you can save time by paying several directories with high authority to place the link so the results were soon felt in the search engines .

Another example :

Site B is the corporate website of a company that is rapidly growing in the industry is quite competitive offline , but competition in the online world it is not too fierce . Some keywords that are commonly used in this industry has a low to medium level of competition ( later we will discuss also what exactly does ' competition ' is and how you can determine the sites of the most powerful competition ) .

It was determined that the search engine is only one aspect of the online marketing strategy of the company. The main purpose of this site is to emphasize the excellence of their products and services , and targeting a number of top keywords ( has a high level of competition ) .

Based on this information , you know that to get the # 1 company must invest time and money . Pay a directory submission becomes mandatory , as well as buy link . Most of those keywords link building efforts also need to be integrated and coordinated , and it usually takes quite a while before results are visible in the first page ( not / not position # 1 ) SERP .

In this case , your SEO strategy will also depend on how flexible possessed freedom to spend money and make changes to the site - you may be asked first example of the former before the budget proposal is approved and the funds needed liquid . In addition , make changes to the corporate site is usually not very easy because of bureaucratic barriers and other non - technical .

Of course , any kind of project , you have to decide for themselves customizable SEO strategy that should be made , I can show you how and tools help him , but it is you who must make the decision .

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