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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The complete guide to learn SEO ( Understanding How Search Engines Work )

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The complete guide to learn SEO ( Understanding How Search Engines Work )
Logical only if you want to occupy the # 1 position for the selected keywords , consequently you have to understand how search engines work . This means that you not only have to know what are the factors that search engines use to rank a website , you also have to know how the search engines read web pages and compile the index ( I will discuss this topic later ) .

In recent years the search engines have undergone many changes , and the algorithm continues to update periodically . So the next time to learn how to work the search engines , it must be understood the following :

Understand what the goals to be achieved by the search engines
How can you find out the changes in search engine algorithms
How to update your knowledge on various developments in the search engine world ( one of them by watching this blog :) )
Important key of your SEO strategy is to obtain knowledge about the latest developments in the SEO world , especially on the changes in the search engines .

Customize Your SEO Strategy

The most important thing about SEO is that there is no one standard formula that applies to all . Every website project needs a different and appropriate adjustments .

Of course the formula that you may already know will deliver results , but those results will not be as effective as a plan that is specific to the needs of a particular project . Although the general principles remain the same and can be applied to all projects on the website there are differences in component analysis , conclusions , and next steps as a result of these conclusions .

Decide what you should focus on , do competitive analysis , and evaluation of how difficult or easy your website is ranked for a particular keyword .

Each website has different goals , these goals will determine what type of keywords you want to targets are , how the composition of his audience , how fierce the competition , how strong capital and time that you can afford to spend.

In the next article I will give an example of how you adjust the SEO process on two different types of projects . Please subscribe let me not miss .

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