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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Secrets of Women Men Should Know or Male

On : 1:06 AM Terimakasih telah menyempatkan waktu untuk berkunjung di BLOG saya yang sederhana ini. Semoga memberikan manfaat meski tidak sebesar yang Anda harapakan. untuk itu, berikanlah kritik, saran dan masukan dengan memberikan komentar.
Secrets of Women Men Should Know or Male - Secrets Women do not care who knows what's in the hearts of every woman especially women sometimes difficult to guess , sometimes like A but the next day could turn into B , What secrets women exist in the liver , following secret taken from various sources :

  1. When the man she loved muses sharply into his eyes, he would like esbatu liquid .
  2. Women do like compliments but do not always know how to accept a compliment .
  3. If you do not like the girl who likes you half to death , starting gently cimtanya do not be rude because there is a spirit in her that you will not know if he has made ​​the decision he would forget everything .
  4. When a woman says she is sad , but he did not meneeteskan tears , it means she 's crying in her heart .
  5. If she ignores you after you hurt her , you better give her time to calm dai before you reprimand by saying sorry .Rahasia Yang Harus Diketahui Kaum Pria atau Laki-laki
  6. Women hard to find something he hated most about him fondly
  7. If a woman falls in love with a man , he was always there in his mind even though he was with another man .
  8. if a girl is distancing himself from you after you refused to let him seketika.jika love you still want to consider him a friend try scolds dai slowly .
  9. What women like to vomit what they think . music , poetry , painting , and writing is the easiest way they vomit their hearts content .
  10. Do not occasionally tell the women about what makes them instantly feel useless .
  11. Being too serious can turn off the mood of women .
  12. When the first man she loved being secretly gave a positive response , for example, the girl contacted by phone will be as indifferent as if he really was not interested but would shout happy .
  13. but if in the same time he calls or waiting for a call from you continue your efforts to lure .
  14. Do not guess what she feels occasionally . directly ask him yourself .
  15. After a girl falls in love she would often wonder why I had not met this guy earlier .
  16. when you're still looking for ways most romantisuntuk yaang captivate a girl love read books .
  17. If every time I see photos searchable by first bersama.yang wanitaialah who was standing next to her baby later then himself.
  18. Ex girlfriend will always be the man she loved , but her mind seemed to be in place especially in the heart .
  19. One remark is enough cheer her hai .
  20. A good friend who knows what he is feeling and going through.
  21. Women hate men who get along well with them solely for their friend to pick up the most beautiful .
  22. love means loyalty , honesty and unconditional happiness .
  23. All women want a lelakiyang loved with all my heart .
  24. Her arms are tears .
  25. Women like it when the occasional person in sayanginya will give surprise buatnya.mereka touched and felt that he loved wholeheartedly .
  26. Women easily fall in love with men who pay attention to it and good for him.
  27. Women actually easily take heart because what he wants is feeling loved and treasured soul.
  28. a smile menberi thousand meanings for women so do not smile carelessly to women .
  29. If you like a woman start with friendship then let him know you more deeply .
  30. if a woman give a thousand reasons to take out every time you leave him because he's not interested in you.

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