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Sunday, November 10, 2013

SERP Components : Search Engine Results Page | The complete guide to learn SEO

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The complete guide to learn SEO ( SERP Components : Search Engine Results Page )
Search Engine Results Page ( SERP ) or maybe if in - (Indonesia) freely as a search results page is the page you see after you type the keywords searched on various search engines (search engines ) . The page contains links to various sites that are considered most relevant to the keywords you are looking for .

It should be noted that search engines give ranking on each page of a website , not on the website itself . It's basic , but pegertiannya deep , because it means that you are able to optimize each page for different keywords . This is beneficial because your site has a lot of ' entrance ' and a greater opportunity to get visitor traffic .

Each search engine ( we only focus on 3 major search engines , and more specifically on Google ) rank and display search results in a different way .

Knowing how each search engine ( Google , Yahoo , and Bing ) displays search results is important , because each of the SERP search engine that you can see important clues about the ' entrance ' or entry point for your keywords search / seek.

Then , understand the components shown in the search results listings will help you optimize your website .

Most searchers will not see more than the first page of the SERP . The reason ? Because searchers find what they are looking for out of 10 results displayed , or they repeat the search with the right keywords .

Think about your own search pattern - if you dig through the 20th page of search results to find the look , or you click on the first few results and then browse a few sites back to the search query phrases used to fix ?

This custom has become a recurring pattern (search , browse , adjust , re - to find what they need ) .

Therefore, the first page of search results can be regarded as the 'land of real estate ' high value .

The more you know what is on the page ( and how to get to it ) , the better the chances of your site being in the ' land ' is.

Each search engine displays some similar information on their SERP :

Search sponsored ( sponsored ads - on the top or right-hand column of search results )
Searches related ( related searches - to help improve the search query )
Links to a number of internal pages or content properties such as :
Google News , Google Finance , Google Groups , Google Images , Google Maps , Google Video
Yahoo Shopping , Yahoo News , Yahoo Finance , Yahoo Answers , Yahoo Maps , Yahoo Sports , Yahoo Video , Yahoo Directory
Live QnA
Organic search results ( natural , appropriate search algorithms )
All of the above is a great way to get into the top 10 search page for your target keywords and offers an alternative entrance to the first page of SERP . Search images ( Image Search ) for example , can direct a lot of traffic to your site .

Search Results

Each search engine displays search results in a way that is almost the same - the title of the page + a few lines of description pages which are usually taken from the page itself or from the listing in DMOZ . ( dmoz.org is the largest internet site directory manually edited )

Google and Yahoo also sometimes display additional links from internal pages . Yahoo for example, displays listings from Yahoo Directory where relevant websites by searching in the directory .

Bing offers a little more information , but this may change with development .

Any additional links ( web links ) to a particular section on your website in SERP will help searchers narrow their search on your site , making them easier to find what they need ( and if done correctly , it generated more traffic ) .

Not all websites get a ' bonus ' from the search engine . Popularity of the site ( from the number of links ' pointing ' the site ) effect , but to get site links is to make clear navigation structure on a website or web page ( web page - distinguish meaning ) , navigation can be easily accessed either by search engines and the user ( human ) . In other words , the way you organize the site and where you place the navigation links play an important role here .

Yahoo offers a selection of 'get more results ' , Google also provides the option ' Similar Pages ' ( both displays pages similar to the page shown on the SERP , based on the analysis of backlinks and website topic ) .

Note : It looks like the search engine began offering facilities ' bookmarks ' in search results - Google already offers this with the ' Note this' .

So what is the significance of all this ?

If your site is popular , categorization is shown as site links will feel the effect .

But if the site does not get web links , the focus of attention is on the title page ( page title ) and description ( description) is displayed on the search results page .

There are four main elements in the individual results .

Title page ( title page ) , which is taken from the Title tag of the page.
Description of the site / page that is usually taken from the meta description tag if there is ( and that's what happened in the case above ) . If not , search engines usually take a piece of text that contain the keyword search , or use the description of Dmoz listing .
URI page . Make it as clear as possible so that URI can search easily guess where they will ' land ' .
Site links are a 'gift ' for clear navigation as I described above - good navigation as it also boosts the rankings and should be applied from the beginning .
Note the page title , description , and URI , because these three elements will be the first impression in the eyes of search on your site in the Search Engine Results Page ( SERP ) . The first impression that will be the decision of the search , whether they will click on it or go to the next search result .

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