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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The complete guide to learn SEO ( SEO Mindset )

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The complete guide to learn SEO ( SEO Mindset )

Think Long-Term

Search Engine Optimization is not a program ' get rich quick' , nor is it a short -term activity that only give temporary results with risk is blacklisted by search engines .

The article is part of a series of study does not address ethical SEO - SEO air , in my opinion ( please just thinking the other ) search engine providing service , while the guidelines and policies that they spend is not ' law ' or rules , but just a general statement (general statement ) .

General statements are often ambiguous and do not provide clear guidance about what to do ' SEO fighters ' order keyword (keyword ) they got the coveted ranking in the SERP .

Even so , risking your website by optimizing the policies conflict with the search engines and can be detected by search engines is foolish .

There are many better ways to dominate SERP without having to do things that can make your site kicked out by Google , Bing or Yahoo .

Patterns of thinking in SEO should be long - term if you do SEO for short-term gain , then it is not SEO , but the trick to exploit the weaknesses of search engines .

SEO is a process that takes time , a number of factors used to determine the position in Google for example , using time as an element of the calculation .

Such as link- aging concept , sandbox ( or trustbox , depending on your perspective ) , quality filters , and domain - aging ( do not worry , these concepts will be explained later ) to make your site may not be # 1 in a heartbeat - at least not in Google .

For the previous example ( Site A and B ) :

Site A will occupy the position of # 1 in 1-6 months , depending on what you do and how strong a site that currently occupies the # 1 position .
Site B , it takes 6-12 months to reach the top , once again depending on how fast you are moving and what keywords are targeted .
Basically - SEO takes time to be effective , so anything you want , make sure that the plan is long-term and take into account long-term consequences of your actions .

Got Your Thoughts

I often see SEO experts who are taught to follow any " guru" , or believe anything that is said I like to believe the holy book .

But like what I said before - there are many ways to do SEO , and of course there is no ' wrong ' or ' right' in SEO . SEO is about the most effective strategies in making your website at the top of the search results page ( SERP ) , and that should be your focus .

Google believes that all blind or ' SEO gurus ' say it is not good . You have to consider the other party opinion to the contrary , compared with the results you get , and if possible do your own experiments .

One example , which is on paid links ( paid links ) . Google made ​​it clear that for the purposes of paid links to rank in the search engines can not be tolerated and sites that do so will be subject to a penalty , but on the other hand paid links for traffic purposes ( advertising company ) it's okay wrote . This raises the debate in the SEO world , whether paid links " right or wrong " .

Do not be a slave to Google or anyone else to teach you about SEO - there is no one formula is effective for all situations in SEO , and therefore there is no ' right' or ' wrong ' .

But it also does not mean you have to conflict with Google . You just have to be open-minded and focused on what is proven to work and is guaranteed to survive long term .

Do not take anything said Google , or the " god of SEO " , or me . Note the development of the SEO world , focus , and explore your own experiences .

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