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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The complete guide to learn SEO - SEO and Non- SEO

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The complete guide to learn SEO - SEO and Non- SEO
Most people - Okay , almost everyone who has plunged into the world of SEO - SEO simply equate to rank # 1 in Google for a website .

But actually SEO is much broader than that. There are three main steps in the SEO process :

Like any other business , you must determine and identify your target audience ( target market ) . Here you not only set goals and create a website describing the audience profile , but also monitors the competition / competition and evaluate what is needed to be able to ' dominate ' a particular sector or niche that you have entered.
You perform the steps necessary to make your website to rank as high as possible in search engines for keywords ( keywords) are frequently used target audience of the website. This step includes the things that you do with the site itself ( if you create a new website should make sure that the site is search engine friendly from the start ) . Then this step also includes numerous activities off -site which aims to create other websites linking to you .
You monitor the development of your website in search engines constantly or continuously and perform various adjustments to the SEO strategies in times of need .
It should be noted that SEO is not an online activity that is intended to generate traffic / visitors ( or promote ) your website . Strange with this statement ? Try to understand again .

What is NOT SEO

Online advertising ( online advertising) , which bought the promotion to get traffic from other sites is NOT SEO . This is a promotional site (site promotion ) despite promotional links that may be purchased to help ranking in search engines .
Public relations ( press releases , advertisements in the mass media , a review of the blog ) NOT SEO . Again this is a promotional site , which may result in links to your site .
Creating websites that exploit weaknesses in search engine algorithms in order to be ranked # 1 for selected keywords in SEO is NOT a short time . This is search engine spamming , which I will not discuss it further.
SEO is not a trick to get the thousands of visitors to your website within 24 hours .
SEO is not always free - some SEO techniques that need cost effective .
Making books and e -book and give it away for free to visitors of your site is NOT SEO .
But the majority of the activities of SEO over CAN NOT be part of the SEO strategy if you want to do it that way . Do not forget that SEO itself usually is one part of a larger strategy to promote your site . Separate and understand more promotional activities other than the activity that you are indeed a professional SEO .

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