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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Understanding Search Engines ( Search Engine ) | The complete guide to learn SEO

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The complete guide to learn SEO ( Understanding Search Engines ( Search Engine ) )
So how exactly how search engines work in the context of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) ?

Search Engines index

Although it is important to understand how the search engines ' read ' a website and store it in the index , for us actors SEO is more relevant to know how to keep our site can be listed in the search engine index .

There is only one way of ' true ' so that our website quickly indexed , and how it is:

Got a link / links from other websites that point to your site ( do link building ) .

Means " not true " is ; using the registration form ( inclusion / submission form ) on the search engines , using software that " guarantees " your web site listed in the search engines , paid spammers who offer services so that your website is listed in 100 + search engine ...

Everything was just a waste of time and expense . Avoid these ways , and do not use the submission form on the search engine .

Why ?

Because it makes your site indexed by search engines is easy IF you know how.

And what do I get a link from another site ?

There are several ways to get links to your website easily and for free ( even more if you want a way out of charge ) where you will be a new site indexed in Google within 2-4 days of the first online and in a matter of hours or even minutes after receiving link .

Note : At the end of this SEO guide you will find many articles about link building at the launch phase of the new website . To understand the search engines and get the best inbound links to your site , know one thing ;

crawling Frequency

Crawling is a term used to describe the behavior of bot / search engine spiders ( bots abbreviation of robot ) is a computer program which serves to ' read ' site . Robots or ' spider ' is utilizing links to move from one site to another - that's why you need to link to your site .

Crawling frequency is the value that states how often a site ' read' by the search engines . The frequency depends on several factors , but there are two main factors that you should consider :

Freshness / freshness ( how often updated site content )
Site importance ( how many links that link to the site )
If you get links from sites that are updated frequently , it is likely that a link to your site will be quickly discovered by the " spider " and of course the result of your site indexed quickly .

example :
Performancing.com is a popular site for professional bloggers - updated every day and has tens of thousands of links linking to it from various websites and other blogs .

One course of Performancing.com link to your site will make search engine robots soon to know where your site .

Another example :
Article direcory like EzineArticles.com usually updated several times a day ( with a lot of new articles uploaded every day ) and have thousands of incoming links ( inbound links ) . Send an article to a directory like that ( and done correctly ) will make your site indexed quickly .

There are many free or paid software that makes sending articles to hundreds of article directories on the internet . By submitting articles, you not only get a quality link from the article directory , but there is also the possibility of other sites will pick up and load your article , the results are even more links ' pointing ' your site .

Examples paid :
Yahoo Directory ( http://dir.yahoo.com/ ) is an online directory . Cost of plug link in the directory for $ 299/tahun , certainly not low cost to most of us .

The advantage worth the price . Listed in Yahoo Directory ( a process that took a week - because your site are reviewed first ) not only ensures that your site indexed in all search engines , your site's ranking in the search pages will also be boosted ( especially at Yahoo , which also lists the contents of the directory on the search results page AND give more priority to the sites listed in the directory ) .

The examples above show how you can use a high-quality links so that your site can be indexed quickly .

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